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There was just a nice review of Think Gum on .  Trevor the tester noted “from my personal testing, which consisted of about a week of consistent (once daily) use, I found Think Gum to be effective in both my overall alertness and ability to concentrate and stay on task. You could call me a fan.”

Thanks Trevor, we think you’re pretty great too!


Peer-Reviewed Study Shows Think Gum Improves Memory by Over 25%

We have BIG news to report today.  As some people may know, over the past 2 years we at Think Gum LLC have been conducting a study to determine if Think Gum® really works and, if so, how well it can improve memory.

The study was just published in the peer reviewed Journal of Appetite and demonstrates that Think Gum® can be used to improve aspects of memory.  In the study, 62 students chewed either no chewing gum, regular bubble gum or Think Gum® during a series of paper-based and online tests used to measure concentration and memory.  For example, one test asked the chewers to memorize a list of 15 random words.  After taking the tests, students were asked to rate their alertness, concentration and performance.  The following day the same students chewed no chewing gum, regular bubble gum or Think Gum® and completed additional follow-up memory tests to measure long-term memory.

The students who chewed Think Gum® performed significantly better in the memory tests.  The magnitude of memory improvement was dramatic.  On average, the students in the Think Gum® group remembered over 25% more than those students who chewed regular chewing gum.  Additionally, those students in the Think Gum® group felt significantly more alert, felt that they could better concentrate and felt enhanced performance as compared to the other groups.

This study suggests that Think Gum® “would also improve information recall in real-world situations, such as during standardized testing, and would therefore be a beneficial study aid.”

The full study can be read online or in the Journal of Appetite:

Davidson, M. G. Herbal-caffeinated chewing gum, but not bubble gum, improves aspects of memory. Appetite (2011), doi:10.1016/j.appet.2011.04.019

We are thrilled by the results of this study and want to tell the world about it!  If you would like more information about the study or want a quote or interview please send an e-mail to