Think Gum on NBC News

We managed to get the full footage of when Think Gum was featured on the NBC Bay Area Nightly News.  Enjoy!

Here is the teaser from the segment: Forget Red Bull, there is a gum that can make you more alert and boost your memory.  A Stanford grad student says he invented the solution.  NBC Bay Area’s medical reporter has something to chew on in this story about Think Gum.


Strange Article about Chewing Gum

There is a odd but entertaining article about chewing gum in last week’s Vancouver Sun paper.  The article written by Joe Schwarcz, opines about a personal experience with chewing gum and some interesting tangents relating to functional gum.  While he obviously has been traumatized by his school teacher after getting caught chewing gum in class, he brings a reasonably balanced look at some of the science surrounding chewing gum.  Normally the brain-boosting effect of Think Gum is the most interesting thing one can write about when it comes to gum.  But in Joe’s article, he writes about breast-enhancing gum, cows, embalming fluid and even middle-eastern chewing gum conspiracy theories, so you certainly won’t be bored reading it.

Think Gum® on “Stuff you Should Know”

Think Gum was on my favorite Podcast

I submitted some Think Gum® to one of my favorite podcasts called “Stuff You Should Know“.  The two hosts Josh and Chuck discuss one topic in detail every episode and highlight all of the interesting facts and history related to the topic.  The podcast is educational, entertaining and pretty funny too.

Their podcast on “How Agritourism Works” was particularly good and features a shout out at time 31:10 to Think Gum.  If you don’t listen to them already, you should give them a try, it is free to download via iTunes.