Back to School Sale

Your new study buddy...
Your new study buddy…

It’s that time of year again, back to school!  Whether you are sending your kids to college or simply want to get your brain back into study mode, Think Gum can help.  Think of it this way, a few dollars now will save you hundreds on tutors and reduce those painful late night cram sessions.

To start the year off right we are offering 15% off with the coupon code BackToSchool when you order via

Happy Learning!


Back-to-School Sale on Think Gum®

Pencils, rulers, backpack and Think Gum

Why spend your money on pencils, glue sticks and hot pink notebooks when you can stock up on something actually useful…..Think Gum.  Think Gum has been shown to improve memory in a published peer reviewed study and makes a great study aid for students of all ages.  With this in mind, we are having our first ever back-to-school sale!  Tell your fellow classmates, PTA groups, teachers and even principals that for the next week customers using the code “School” will save 15% off their entire order at  You can even use this money to pay for a couple pencils.