Memory Clinic Joke

elderly people laughing

Two very elderly couples bump into each other in the street, Jack says ” hi there George, how are you?” George says ” Great! we’ve just been to that new memory clinic, they teach you how to remember things using word association, it’s really good” Jack asks ” really? what’s the name of the clinic?” George thinks for a moment and then says ” let me see, eh, what do you call that flower with a thorny stem?” Jack says “A rose”? “Ah yes that’s it” George turns to his wife….”Rose, what’s the name of that clinic”?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, consider chewing Think Gum.


Welcome to the Think Gum Blog!

The Think Gum Logo
The Think Gum Logo

I thought I would start the first entry in the Think Gum Blog by talking about who I am, what Think Gum is and what the Think Gum Blog is all about.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Matt Davidson, I am a 25 year old scientist and entrepreneur.  I founded Think Gum LLC in 2007 after learning about how chewing gum could improve memory and how different aromas could positively impact memory and cognition.  At the time I was a senior at UC Berkeley and was chewing my own blend of peppermint chewing gum and freshly picked rosemary.  I found that the gum helped me focus while studying and recall more of what I was trying to learn.  Soon after graduating, I looked into bringing a “Brain-Boosting Chewing Gum” to market.  My friends and family thought it was a great idea and nothing like it existed, so I went for it.  Now, two years later over a million pieces of gum have been chewed and I have numerous e-mails from people telling me that Think Gum has helped them out.

I should mention that in addition to running Think Gum LLC, I am also a PhD student in the Biosceinces at Stanford.  I am doing my thesis research on cancer immunotherapy which is basically how your own immune system can be tweaked to fight cancer.   I love science, and my scientific approach is one of the key reasons why Think Gum has been successful.  While formulating Think Gum, I made sure that there was adequate evidence to support the use of all of the ingredients in Think Gum and that these ingredients would be in a bioavailable form and that each piece of gum would have enough of each of these ingredients so that they would have a beneficial effect.

If you somehow stumbled onto the blog without hearing about Think Gum, I will give you a brief description.  Think Gum is sugar-free caffeinated gum that contains a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients designed to improve memory and concentration.  The gum tastes like peppermint gum with a green-tea/herbal kick.  You can read all about how and why Think Gum works here.

I started this blog as a place to talk about interesting news, findings and ideas as they relate to memory, concentration and general cognitive improvement.  My plan is to post things like brain-teasers, new research and findings and tips and tricks that can be used to get most out of your education and brighten your mind!