Is Biohacking the Next Big Thing?

Is biohacking your brain with nootropics like Think Gum the next big trend?
Is biohacking your brain with nootropics like Think Gum the next big trend?

There is an interesting piece on smart drugs and biohacking in CNN Money.  The point of the article is that there is intense pressure in Silicon Valley to succeed and entrepreneurs are turning to Smart Drugs better known as nootropics like coffee, pills and even Think Gum.  I’ve been in Silicon Valley for over 10 years now at the top institutions in the country earning degrees and doing the entrepreneur thing and I agree it is a growing trend.  Not a large trend yet, but people are craving ways to maximize their brain power and are turning to smart drugs like Think Gum.  CNN says that taking smart drugs is part of the larger trend of biohacking or more clearly put, people want to optimize how their minds and bodies work.  This is nothing new.  People have desired fit bodies and more intelligence for centuries.  What has changed is there are more and more products offering to help achieve these biological goals.  When most people think of biohacking, they are thinking of genetic engineering or electrical devices like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, I suppose that smart drugs count too.

While I certainly wouldn’t recommend popping hundreds of pills a day like Dave Asprey.  There is certainly data to support the use of some brain enhancing ingredients and technologies.  Nootropics are drugs and like all drugs they can have side effects.  The ingredients in Think Gum were specifically chosen because they deliver the maximum benefits and based on published peer-reviewed research are overwhelmingly safe.  In fact we’ve sold over 2,000,000 pieces of gum without incident.  Not only this, but many new ingredients have no data to support they work.  Think Gum on the other hand has been extensively tested and in a 2011 study was shown to increase memory by over 25%.

I hope the biohacking and nootropic trends continue.  I’d love to make a Think Gum Extra Strength Product at some point if we have safe proven ingredients that deliver.


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