7 Back to School Tips for a Great School Year

7 tricks for Academic Success
7 tricks for Academic Success – Get Organized, Don’t Fall Behind, Go to Class, Set a Schedule, Don’t Stress, Exercise and Sleep, Chewing Think Gum.

1.  Get Organized – Use a calendar to organize assignments, test dates and projects.  Do this as soon as you get a syllabus.  You might use a daily planner or even iCal on your phone.  Start major projects way ahead of time, this will give you a buffer and time to put some real thought into them.

2.  Don’t Fall Behind – It is much more difficult to catch up in a subject than it is to stay up to date.  Especially in classes like science and math one lesson will teach concepts critical to the next lesson.  If you don’t stay up to date, you might at well not attend.  I’ve found it helpful to spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the syllabus before class and the last lesson to make sure I can review any key concepts.

3.  Go to Class – This is very straightforward, but in the days of webcast classes it is easy to watch from home or get the notes from a friend.  Sit close enough that you would feel bad if you fell asleep in front of your teacher and take notes.  Taking notes really does help the concepts sink in.

4.  Set a Schedule –  It is very helpful to set a time for work and a time for fun.  I always went to the library and worked until 6pm or until my work was done.  That way I could have fun in the evening.  There are many methods that can work, but in general take a 5-minute break every half-hour to stretch your legs, get a snack or chat with a friend. 

5.  Don’t Stress – Make sure to find time for something you enjoy every day.  Know that there will always be that kid who studies 24-7.  You don’t want to be that kid.  You won’t be happy and in all likelihood you won’t preform any better by studying 3-times more.  Get your work done on time, study until you feel good and then have some fun.

6.  Exercise and Sleep – Find time for both exercise and a full night of sleep.  Students often complain that there isn’t even enough time for homework.  This is just not true.  Be diligent.  A 20-minute run will give you energy and clear your mind allowing you to actually focus on what matters.  Same goes for sleeping.  Avoid late night cramming at all costs.  Sleeping improves memory and attention.

7.  Chew Think Gum – Think Gum is a lightly caffeinated gum that has been shown to help improve memory and concentration.  Don’t expect to skip numbers 1-6 and do well in school.  But chewing Think Gum can help give you the boost you need to out compete your peers.  It will help you make better use of your precious time.  Use the code Back2School to save 25% off your online orders.

Good luck this year!


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