Is the NZT drug from Limitless based on Think Gum?

NZT clear pill from limitless
Does NZT exist? Nope! But Think Gum is is closest legal alternative to NZT.

This September, CBS is launching a show based on the movie Limitless.  In the original movie, Eddie Mora (played by Bradley Cooper) takes a drug called NZT which increases his IQ and memory making him incredibly smart.  I am pretty excited about the show and hope the production team considers giving away Think Gum to promote the launch (If you work for CBS please do reach out).  I wrote a blog post shortly after Limitless the movie was released asking whether NZT was inspired by products like Think Gum.  Shortly afterward, this single blog post about the clear pill NZT was getting 5,000 hits a day.  What does this tell us?

  1. Some people actually believe NZT exits.  Many people came to the site searching “Does NZT exist?” or “Is NZT real?”  Obviously, it doesn’t, but consumers are very interested in drugs similar to NZT or drugs like NZT that may boost metal performance, concentration and memory.
  2. Many of these same people tried Think Gum as an alternative to NZT and continue to purchase it.  While Think Gum will not give you NZT like mental super powers, it has been shown to improve memory and concentration in a peer reviewed study.
  3. There is a huge demand for smart drugs.  Unfortunately many products do not deliver on their promises, we have previously reviewed many popular supplements that claim to boost performance to NZT levels and most do absolutely nothing.  In fact, Think Gum is the only supplement that has actually be shown to have efficacy in a controlled, published peer-reviewed study.

So, for those of you who have landed here looking for NZT, sorry.  It doesn’t exist.  However, you can improve your memory and concentration, through a program of exercise, by getting enough sleep and by supplementing a healthy diet with Think Gum.  I wish it were as simple as taking a pill!  Think Gum is the closest legal alternative to NZT and I want you to try it for yourself.  So, to get you started, use the code “Limitless” to save 20% on your first order.  This promotion is only available to the first 100 people who use the code, so order your Think Gum right now.


Real NZT from Limitless?

Limitless NZT is for sale
Could Think Gum have been the inspiration for NZT?

I just saw a great movie called Limitless.  Not giving away the plot, Bradley Cooper comes across a drug called NZT which can “unlock his brain’s full potential”.  After taking a NZT pill, he is as sharp as can be, has amazing memory and is able to think his way out of any situation.

Of course, NZT is fiction, but some similar drugs do exist.  The most notable are modafinil (Provigil®) which was designed to help narcoleptics from falling asleep and methylphenidate (Ritalin®) which is used to treat ADHD.  While both of these drugs have been shown to improve mental capacity to some extent, they are illegal without a prescription and are not without side effects.

NZT reminded me of Think Gum® for numerous reasons.  Both improve memory.  Both help enhance concentration.  And both help people become rich and famous (kind of).  While Think Gum® will not give chewers super human intelligence, it is about as close to real NZT as exists.  Think Gum® helps people make the most out of what they’ve got, so maybe it will be the star of Limitless II, a more realistic version starring a college school student who aces his organic chemistry exam and makes dean’s list.