New Packaging, Same Great Think Gum


I’m proud to unveil our newly redesigned packaging of Think Gum®!  If you are a long time chewer, you will notice that it looks pretty similar to our old packaging, but with one bright and shiny difference.  Some customers wanted to see a little more pizzazz in our packaging and I believe that we have delivered!  So go out and enjoy the same Brain-Boosting Chewing Gum® you already love and look even cooler while chewing it with the new and improved packaging.

Matt Davidson, PhD

Founder of Think Gum LLC


Chewing Gum Industry Needs Innovation According to WSJ

Think Gum® is what the chewing gum industry needs!
Think Gum® is what the chewing gum industry needs!

An article in the Wall Street Journal by Julie Jargon makes the case that the chewing gum industry is in need of innovation.  Companies like Wrigley and Mondelez (makers of Trident and Stride) have seen their sales slip over the past few years as prices have gone up and competition for pocket space has increased.  Another reason for this decrease in sales has been the over-proliferation of brands; Wrigley alone distributes over “…50 different varieties of gum in a convenience store,” which has “cannibalized sales rather than attracted new customers.”

There is a silver lining however, as chewing gum, especially Think Gum®, has been scientifically shown to improve focus.  Jargon’s article notes that this benefit could lead to companies like Wrigley to “…market gum as a way to focus on an activity.”  Think Gum LLC is about 5 years ahead of this trend, and our customers already know that chewing gum not only improves focus, but also enhances memory.  We’d be happy to work with Wrigley or another big candy company to aid the distribution of Think Gum®, and maybe even increase chewing gum sales worldwide.