Strange Article about Chewing Gum

There is a odd but entertaining article about chewing gum in last week’s Vancouver Sun paper.  The article written by Joe Schwarcz, opines about a personal experience with chewing gum and some interesting tangents relating to functional gum.  While he obviously has been traumatized by his school teacher after getting caught chewing gum in class, he brings a reasonably balanced look at some of the science surrounding chewing gum.  Normally the brain-boosting effect of Think Gum is the most interesting thing one can write about when it comes to gum.  But in Joe’s article, he writes about breast-enhancing gum, cows, embalming fluid and even middle-eastern chewing gum conspiracy theories, so you certainly won’t be bored reading it.


Think Gum at the Stanford Bookstore!

Think Gum now at the Stanford Bookstore
Think Gum now at the Stanford Bookstore

Think Gum is now carried at the Stanford University Bookstore! This store is the flagship store of the Follett Higher Education group and is a great place to buy books, computers, clothes and your favorite brain-boosting chewing gum®.
To kick things off, Think Gum will be set up in front of the bookstore from 12-2pm this Thursday Sept 24th giving out free samples and playing a fun trivia game. Come by to try the gum for free and learn more about making the most of your Stanford education.
See you there!