Sleep Your Way to Good Grades

This is not effective studying
This is not effective studying

A discussion paper from a group in Belgium looked at 621 first-year university students and showed that students who slept more also got better grades.  The results were dramatic with the best sleepers scoring nearly 9% better than the worst sleepers.  To be fair, it is unclear whether being well-rested is leading to better marks or if better students simply sleep more and pull all-nighters less frequently.  Both are likely true.  Being well-rested let’s you focus at the task at hand.  It is also true that well-prepared students feel like they can sleep more without having to stay up late cramming for exams.

I think everyone can agree that sleep is critical to being sharp.  Instead of staying up all night cramming and going straight into a test, let me recommend the following;   Spend some of that time being an effective studier by chewing a piece of Think Gum while you study.  Go to sleep at a reasonable time and wake up early and get that last bit of studying in.  Don’t forget to take a couple of minutes to eat something for breakfast and then go into your exam rested and prepared.  Chewing a piece of Think Gum during your exam will help with recall of all the facts and figures you just crammed in.


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