ADHD Expert Loves Think Gum

Think Gum recommended by ADHD expert
Think Gum recommended by ADHD expert

Leslie Josel, ADHD expert, mother and organization guru loves Think Gum.  I got a chance to demo Think Gum for Leslie at a trade show and she was impressed.  As she wrote in her popular blog ” Can chewing gum really boost brain-power, concentration, and memory? Think Gum® sure can! Made with proven brain-boosting  herbs and herbal extracts, potent antioxidants, and natural occurring  caffeine, Think Gum has been proven to enhance mental performance  and it has the research to prove it.  A study conducted published in the Journal of Appetite demonstrates that Think Gum can be used to improve aspects of memory!   As you can expect, college and high school students LOVE this stuff.  Think Gum® was designed to help students make the most of their  education without using processed chemicals. Plain chewing gum is  already known to help focus and reduce stress, but when combined  with herbal additives shown to improve cognitive function, Think  Gum® truly is an effective study aid. Many students attribute Think  Gum® to their improved performance, alertness, concentration… Time to get chewing.  For more information and purchasing info visit:

Thanks Leslie!


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