Really Wrigley’s?

Same Gum, New Packaging
Same Gum, New Packaging

I was just at the supermarket and saw something interesting at the checkout, a new chewing gum offering from Wrigley’s called “Focus”.  Being the curious type, I bought a pack (for market research…I really only chew Think Gum).  I’ve been chewing the gum for about 15 minutes now and honestly am not impressed.  It is just the same peppermint chewing gum they have been selling for the last 100 years, but in updated packaging.  I’m not complaining, I understand Wrigley’s is marketing to the masses and that they don’t feel bad about calling a gum “focus” even if there is nothing special about it that helps you focus.  But as anyone who has ever chewed Think Gum can tell you we do not sell ordinary gum.

Countless hours of research and development has gone into Think Gum and it contains potent ingredients like vinpoectine and bacopa that are not found in any other brand of gum.  Not only this, but we have some solid data to back things up.  So for all those out there who have tried “Focus” I’m going to call Wrigley’s out and offer you a 25% discount on Think Gum so that you can see what real “Brain-Boosting Chewing Gum®” is all about.  Use the code Focus on our website anytime this month to score your discounted Think Gum.


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