Think Gum Mentioned As Wrigley’s Competition in the Wall Street Journal


In today’s Wall Street Journal, Julie Jargon writes about a new caffeinated gum from Wrigley’s called “Alert Energy Gum”.  The Alert Gum will sell for $2.99 per pack ($1 more than Think Gum) and has 8 pieces per pack (4 fewer than Think Gum).  Wrigley’s is clearly going after the mainstream market of coffee drinkers and people who drink 5-Hour Energy to make it through the day.  Others have tried selling a caffeinated gum with limited success.  The reason is that people fundamentally don’t want more caffeine.  What they want is a way to stay focused on the task at hand without getting jittery or crashing later on.  Think Gum contains some caffeine (20mg per serving vs 40mg in Alert Gum), but it also has potent herbal ingredients like Ginko Biloba, Bacopa and Vinpocetine.  According to Time Magazine, Think Gum delivers “an even-keeled, concentrated boost, vs. a spiked buzz” like other energy products.  Chew on that Wrigley’s!


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