Congratulations to the Think Gum 2012 Infant Scholar of the Year!

Baby ScholarshipWe at Think Gum are very excited to present Isaac Davidson, the recipient of the Think Gum 2012 Infant Scholarship award.  Isaac is one impressive baby! In addition to being very cute, he has had many notable achievements during his short time as an academic (he’s only 3 months old).  At just 1 month, he could recognize his own name and respond with hello in baby sign language.  At 2 months old, he began to crawl around his crib and began composing music by rasping his bottle against the bars on his crib .  At 3 months, he is already saying a few choice words and finishing the sentences of his favorite baby books.  We can’t wait to see what he can accomplish once he gets teeth and begins to chew Think Gum!

If you have an infant scholar, please send us a picture of him or her with a pack of Think Gum to be eligible for the 2013 Infant Scholarship Award.


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