Descriptive Review of Think Gum®

Review of Think Gum®

Think Gum was just written up by Gigi Reviews.  Here is a excerpt:

Each piece has a thin candy coating. I liked that the candy shell yielded softly and didn’t cause crunchy shards to break off like most candy coats do. Actually, it reminded me more of the coating on the Premium M&M’s. Rather than being a crunchycandy coat, it’s almost a soft, lacquer-like shell. The texture is also a little different from most gums. Sure, it’s chewy — but it is also soft, and it’s not sticky.

Tastewise, it starts out all about the peppermint. It’s a fresh, earthy taste — sort of like chewing on a fresh sprig of mint. It’s sweet, but not in a candy way. The mint flavor stays at the front and is strongest for about the first three minutes of chew. After that you start to taste the rosemary.

The rosemary side is distinctly more bitter…but in a good way. It takes some of the edge off the peppermint before it reaches the point where you’d get that menthol-ish burn peppermint sometimes causes. It’s an herby, robust flavor. The more you chew, the stronger that flavor seems to get. If it gets to be too much for you, or if you just want to recharge it, I suggest simply holding the gum in your mouth for a few seconds without chewing. That seems to “reactivate” the mint, and the gum will taste sweeter again. Between the mint and the rosemary, the flavor of this gum has amazing staying power. I chewed a piece for about half an hour before it started to weaken.

As for feeling like I was retaining things better, or whether my concentration had improved, etc., that’s harder to say. I am currently on so much medication that I’m probably the worst person to even try to review it in that context. But I can say that I felt more alert after chewing, and I’m guessing that’s at least partially from the caffeine. Each two-piece serving of gum contains about the same amount of caffeine as half a can of soda. And that’s not overdoing it. I like that I got a little boost without it being so much caffeine that I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest, or I may want to do extreme sports or party like a drunken frat boy, or any other overly caffeinated cliché you can think of that I didn’t.

Overall, I liked this gum a lot for its unique flavor. I like the fact that it’s both herby and minty, and manages to pull it off without tasting either like medicine or like chewy dried spices. I also liked the little energy boost I got, and I will definitely keep on chewing!


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