Letter From a Think Gum® Enthusiast

I just received a letter from a Think Gum® fan that I wanted to share.  It reminded me why I started Think Gum® in the first place and how much it can help students!

The letter is as follows:

Hello, my name is Miss. A. G. and I am writing to praise your gum. A few months back, I purchased a few packs for a week of testing (this week was last week) I knew I had coming up. Friends and family, heck, even a teacher, had advised me about Think Gum. I gave it go, bought two packs (under my mom’s name/card), and received them in the mail in the estimated time. Last week, I would chew a piece at the beginning of the test, and then chew a piece later in the day, where I had another test. Got the tests back today— all A’s! I had 7 tests and received seven A’s! Math—my worst subject—I got a 94% A!

I was shocked and overly excited. I HAD to come back and praise this gum. It tastes great, smells good, and works wonders! I will recommend this gum to all my friends, family, peers, children, and who knows who else! Anyone that has ears and is willing to listen! “Hey, have a test coming up? Ever try Think Gum? Really, you haven’t? Well lemme tell you ALL about it!”


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