Grammar School Student Wins Gold at Science Fair Using Think Gum®

I received some information many months ago from a grammar school student who did a study on Think Gum®.  The student named Erin wanted to know if “chewing gum while taking a test makes a significant difference to the student’s test grade”.  To test this idea, Erin gave 6 classmates either Think Gum®, Bazooka Gum or no gum and then had them do a 60 second multiplication test.  After repeating the experiment 8 times Erin calculated the average scores.  Not surprisingly, both Bazooka and Think Gum® raised scores compared to the no chewing gum control.  Of course Think Gum® increased scores by 6% over Bazooka which any student can tell you is the difference between a failing and passing grade.

Erin took the Gold at her science fair and ended up getting silver at regionals.

Thanks to Erin for this great study!  Hopefully you have inspired others to try Think Gum® out in their next science fair.


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