How to Train The Aging Brain – Try Think Gum®

Nuerons are able to access details better with Think Gum

The New York Times recently posted a great first-hand account regarding memory and aging.  The author, Barbara Strauch, talks about how as we age we tend to focus on the big picture ideas and seem to lose grasp of the small details.  However it’s not that we are forgetting the small details, it’s just that they are stored in rusty filling cabinet deep within the brain.  Only when we jog our memories a bit are we able to access these small details and facts.  She goes on to say that even running through the alphabet letter by letter when the name of something is on the tip of our tongue is often enough to get us to remember.

Of course, this reminded me a bit about how Think Gum works in regard to context dependent memory.  By chewing Think Gum while reading a book we might be able to tag the details of the book.  Later, when we want to recall the entirety of  the book for a book club or deep discussion, we  could chew Think Gum and give our brains a small jiggle to loosen up that rusty file cabinet making all of the small details more accessible.


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