FREE Holiday Shipping Offer

The Best Gift Around
The Best Stocking Stuffer

Dear Think Gum® Chewer,


For a limited time, we’re offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all orders of Think Gum® over $20 purchased from


I know what you’re thinking: Free shipping is great, but how can I chew a whole box of gum by myself?


So here are some suggestions:


1)    If you’re a student, give a pack of Think Gum® to select friends who are studying for exams…the post-finals party is always better when you know you’ve passed your classes.


2)    If you’re a parent with kids in college, send them packs of Think Gum® for each class where there’s a final… an extra semester of college tuition is expensive. Having Think Gum® in their pockets is not.


3)    Concentrate on friends and family during the holidays:


Thanksgiving: Pass out packs of Think Gum® before everyone’s food coma kicks in.  They’ll stay alert and thank you later.


Hanukkah: Purchase a blister box and give a pack out to a sibling on each of the eight nights. Use the leftover gum instead of chocolate gelt during your dreidel game.


Christmas: Cut out the light bulb on the box and hang as a tree ornament or display it on the treetop for a burst of illumination.  Stuff a pack of Think Gum® into everyone’s stocking… Think Gum® tastes way better than fruitcake.


Order now and get FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all orders over $20.  Have a happy and fun holiday season and good luck on finals!



The Think Gum® Team


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