Great YouTube Video About Think Gum

A group of Students at Temple University did a marketing project about Think Gum. They went over all aspects about how to position the product, how to price it, advertising ect. They did a really good job. The best part of the project in my mind was a YouTube video they made. Check it out here or on YouTube.

If anyone out there wants to do a project on Think Gum, just let me know. In addition to this marketing project, I have had a few elementary school kids approach me about doing a science project on Think Gum. One girl even won her school competition and went on the the regionals where she came in second. She showed that Think Gum improved scores on a math test even more than Bazooka or a no gum control group.


One thought on “Great YouTube Video About Think Gum

  1. Hello Matt,

    I am the graduated student from Thammasat University,Bangkok, Thailand. My major is corporate communication management. Now, I got the group assignment about how to sell the unseen product in Thailand so we found your product on internet and bring it as our case study.

    Would you like to know the possibility to see Thinkgum in Thailand ? I will reserch for you but could you please send me more about your product information and marketing information in details to me or just give me the link to reach that info.

    Have a nice day!!

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