Think Gum gets $50,000 Investment from Stanford

I am happy to announce that Think Gum LLC is closing a financing round with Stanford Student Enterprises Ventures. There was a recent article in the Stanford Daily paper about it. The highlights are below.

“Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE) Ventures, an entrepreneurial funding source for students on campus, has just made its biggest investment in history — five times its previous record — despite the poor economic climate.

The venture fund invested $50,000 into Think Gum, which produces a mint-flavored chewing gum that combines various nutrients with caffeine. The gum is meant to enhance cognitive abilities and academic performance.

Matt Davidson, a first-year student in the School of Medicine, has 2.5 million pieces of chewing gum stacked along the walls of his parents’ 20-foot-by-20-foot basement in Los Angeles and explained that he came up with the concept of Think Gum as an undergraduate at UC-Berkeley.

Think Gum combines herbal stimulates including rosemary and gingko biloba with aromatherapy and antioxidants to increase energy and mental power. It also contains the equivalent of half a can of soda’s worth of caffeine.

This money is a starting point that will be used to attract other investors and will assist in the marketing and manufacturing of the gum. SSE Ventures will also own a share of the company after legal documents have been signed.”


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